How to access advance tickets using your BJP website membership

By buckingjam on August 31, 2022

Advance ticket access is available to Nica’s Circle (BJP Website) Members for the first 48 hours after a ticketed concert is posted on the website.

Members are sent a concert announcement newsletter by email when new concerts with advance tickets have been posted on the website.

You need to have an active membership on the BJP website to get access to the Get Advance Tickets button AND the Advance Ticket Unlock Code you’ll need in order to buy tickets. 

Logging in to the website

To log into the website, please click or tap here.

The log in button can always be found at the top of any page under the “Membership” tab, or at the very bottom of any page (look for the big red button that says “Member Log In”).

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password, please click or tap here to reset it and get a new one

Reactivating your account

If you have a membership account on the BJP website but your membership is inactive or expired, you won’t be able to see the Get Advance Tickets button or the Unlock Code when viewing a concert.

To reactive your membership, first log into the website and then click or tap this link to resume or reactive your subscription.

Once your membership is re-activated, you will find the Get Tickets button and the Ticket Unlock Code on the individual concert event pages on the BJP website.

Administering your account

You can always access your Membership account and look at information like your subscription and past payment info by viewing the Account page here.

Updating your payment info (adding or changing your credit card).

Log into the site and go to your Account page and click or tap "Subscriptions". Then, find "Update" (above "Pause" and "Cancel"). Click or tap "Update", and on the next screen you will be able to enter your new credit card information.

Viewing upcoming events

To view all upcoming concerts, go to the Event page: or the Home page:

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