About BJP

BuckingJam Palace is a house concert venue in the historic district of Mount Royal in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is the 1910 home of the Buck family and was named by the scores of young jazz musicians who have rehearsed in the basement, jammed in the living room and filled our lives with music for the last decade.

Watching dedicated, talented musicians working hard to make a go of a music career in a cultural climate that’s often lacking in support lead us to establish our jazz series. What began as a family-run initiative has grown into the not-for-profit BJP Music Foundation.

Our goal is to draw together a welcoming community that is passionate about creating a culture where musicians are artistically and economically valued. We are a listening venue. We pay out some of the highest “club-gig” fees in North America. We provide a welcoming and flexible space for touring musicians who want to fit a Calgary date into their schedule, as well as local musicians looking for an intimate performance experience.

We believe the arts connects the very best parts of us. We believe that we all have a part to play as patrons, appreciators, creators.

What's A House Concert?

It can be intimidating coming to a stranger’s home for a concert. We get that. Here’s some details to help you know what to expect.

You will receive a couple of email reminders before a concert, one with directions on where to park and some specifics about our venue. We have volunteers to greet you at the door and help you feel at home. Please bring some slippers or indoors shoes to wear.

Beer and wine are available. We can’t legally obtain a liquor license (long story having to do with arcane ALCB rules about private residences and liquor sales) so we don’t sell the liquor. You can pick up tokens in the front foyer that can be exchanged for drinks, maximum of two per person. We appreciate your donation to our piano fund as a way of covering costs.

We are a listening venue. There is lots of visiting before a show and at the break, but no talking at all during the music. Other than taking pictures or short videos of the performance, please keep your phone off and out of sight.

There are two forty-five minute sets with a fifteen minute break in between. The musicians are around during the break and before and after the show to chat with.

Our shows sell-out quickly so you need to jump on tickets when they are released.  One of the benefits of our paid subscription platform is first access to tickets.  You can also sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and instagram for notice of concerts.  We don’t offer refunds.  If you have a last-minute issue that keeps you from attending, you can donate your ticket to a local musician by contacting lisa@buckingjampalace.com.

Our Board

Lisa Buck President
Jodi Lucas Vice-President
Steven Gallant Treasurer
Richelle Wiseman Secretary
Emily Buck Governance and Strategic Planning
Celine Peterson Director
Tiro Clarke Director

Creative Committee

These are the folks responsible for curating our jazz series. Our through-line is excellence: within that, we look for a predominance of Canadian artists, gender balance, opportunities for emerging artists, and a diversity of jazz styles.

Jon McCaslin
Jodi Lucas
Ellen Doty
Tim Mah

Our Supporters

BuckingJam Palace would like to thank the following organizations for providing direct financial support.

Our Sponsors

BuckingJam Palace relies on the generosity of our patrons, our community, and businesses who all share a passion for supporting jazz and the arts.
Mitchell Bros Beef
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