How to access advance tickets using your BJP website membership

Advance ticket access is available to Nica’s Circle (BJP Website) Members for the first 48 hours after a ticketed concert is posted on the website.

Members are sent a concert announcement newsletter by email when new concerts with advance tickets have been posted on the website.

You need to have an active membership on the BJP website to get access to the Get Advance Tickets button AND the Advance Ticket Unlock Code you’ll need in order to buy tickets. 

Logging in to the website

To log into the website, please click or tap here.

The log in button can always be found at the top of any page under the “Membership” tab, or at the very bottom of any page (look for the big red button that says “Member Log In”).

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password, please click or tap here to reset it and get a new one

Reactivating your account

If you have a membership account on the BJP website but your membership is inactive or expired, you won’t be able to see the Get Advance Tickets button or the Unlock Code when viewing a concert.

To reactive your membership, first log into the website and then click or tap this link to resume or reactive your subscription.

Once your membership is re-activated, you will find the Get Tickets button and the Ticket Unlock Code on the individual concert event pages on the BJP website.

Administering your account

You can always access your Membership account and look at information like your subscription and past payment info by viewing the Account page here.

Updating your payment info (adding or changing your credit card).

Log into the site and go to your Account page and click or tap "Subscriptions". Then, find "Update" (above "Pause" and "Cancel"). Click or tap "Update", and on the next screen you will be able to enter your new credit card information.

Viewing upcoming events

To view all upcoming concerts, go to the Event page: or the Home page:

Introducing Nica's Circle

We’ve introduced a membership circle for BJP called Nica’s Circle.  You’ll find info about it under the Membership tab:  it’s a $5/month subscription that gives folks access to exclusive content and the earliest access to concert tickets.  

We’ve created Nica’s Circle — named after a famous patron of the arts, Kathleen Annie Pannonica Rothschild —because of our experience with COVID-19.  When the pandemic hit and live concerts were shuttered, BJP had no means to support and employ our community of musicians whose livelihoods had been decimated.  Because the vast part of our ticket revenue goes directly to the musicians (once we were a non-profit we had to keep a fraction to pay for insurance and related operating costs) we didn’t have any means to fund non-concert programming and that left us high and dry.  After many hours of grant writing, we received funding from FACTOR, CADA and the Canada Council for projects that are employing musicians and other artists and for that, we are tremendously grateful.  (Canadians should be proud of the level of support given to the Arts during the pandemic.)

Establishing Nica’s Circle allows us to create a small income stream that can be used to support non-concert programming and that’s important to our future capacity to support the Canadian jazz community.  We also hope that as we build up our content, our Circle members will enjoy the behind-the scenes material and educational content.

As for ticket buying, here’s how that works: 

Nica’s Circle members are recognized by our website when they visit and have 48 hours exclusive access to purchase tickets.  Ticket sales are then opened up to folks on our email list who have 24 hours to purchase before the concert is announced to the general public through social media.

There is no cost to being on the email list:  just be aware that you might see the listing for the concert on Eventbrite and not be able to access tickets until after the 48 hour advance sales is over. 

So, thanks for your support as our programming grows and we develop new ways to keep musicians employed and our community engaged!