Learn About Our House Concerts

It can be intimidating coming to a stranger’s home for a concert.  We get that.  Here’s some details to help you know what to expect.

You will receive a couple of email reminders before a concert, one with directions on where to park and some specifics about our venue.  We have volunteers to greet you at the door and help you feel at home.  Please bring some slippers or indoors shoes to wear.

Beer and wine are available.  We can’t legally obtain a liquor license (long story having to do with arcane ALCB rules about private residences and liquor sales) so we don’t sell the liquor.  You can pick up tokens in the front foyer that can be exchanged for drinks, maximum of two per person.  We appreciate your donation to our piano fund as a way of helping to cover costs.

We are a listening venue.  There is lots of visiting before a show and at the break, but no talking at all during the music.  Other than taking pictures or short videos of the performance, please keep you phones off and out of sight.

There are two forty-five minute sets with a fifteen minute break in between.  The musicians are around during the break and before and after the show to chat with.

Our shows sell-out quickly and we advertise several weeks in advance so you need to jump on tickets when they are released.  The best way to do that is to sign up for our mailing list either through the website or by emailing your request to buckingjampalace@gmail.com.  Folks on the mailing list get first crack at tickets.  We don’t offer refunds.  If you can’t use a ticket and know at least a week in advance, email us and we will try to connect you with a buyer from the waitlist.  If you have a last-minute issue that keeps you from attending, you can donate your ticket to a local musician.  Contact  buckingjampalace@gam.com to donate or inquire about the waitlist.